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Welcome to Uncaged Capital

Uncaged Capital LLC is the Leading Nationwide Private Money & Mortgage Lender that specializes in fast and flexible lending processes.

We have the largest library of private money nationwide loan programs under one roof. Our team is owned and operated by leading industry professionals, providing a reliable and knowledgeable team to help all Real Estate investors succeed.

Strategic Financial Planning

Whether you are a new borrower or an experienced real estate investor, Uncaged Capital LLC will guide you every step of the loan process. We have a unique perspective on the loan process and ensure a supportive management team with the utmost experience.

National Services

We provide direct hard money mortgage programs nationwide. To inquire about our niche mortgage programs, please feel free to Contact Us directly.

Quick Process

Uncaged Capital Lenders’ team member can provide a Pre-Approval for a loan within 24 hrs. As a direct hard money mortgage lender, we have the ability to provide a prospective borrower with an expedited loan process, ensuring a swift and easy service.

Hard Money Loans

Uncaged Capital LLC provides direct access to hard money funds, ensuring that all your real estate investment goals are attainable. Our team is designated to assure the best possible options for our prospective borrowers.

Our Best Services



Business Process



Product Engineering

Additional questions about our process can be answered in the contact us section of our website. Learn more about our Lending Parameters.